Academic Experience

Our Director


Mrs. Geeta Shahi

Director, MLZS Gorakhpur

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”

Marie Curie

We help our students to emerge as those who would fill the world with their vivid colours and lead with excellence and diligence.

The purpose of Education is to empower an individual so as to make him fearless at any point of time. Education means gaining knowledge and learning life skills at the same time. In the fast changing world that we live in, the key is in learning new things throughout our lives. One has to have a receptive mind and ability to learn, unlearn and relearn to cope up with the demands of the modern world and enjoy the fruits of technology and best practices. Technology is going to impact our lives in much more profound ways than what we have seen in the past. Adaptability to change will be the key to make us fearless.

To adopt to the changes and challenges of the new world, we need to nurture and inculcate a certain thought process in our system at a very nascent stage, so that it becomes our way of life. Life is a journey and it throws up challenges every now and then. The important thing is to not get frustrated with the daily challenges of life and take it up as an opportunity and learn from it. This requires a special conditioning of mind and introduction of a value system in our education, which leads to make us a complete human being, similar to what was done in the ancient “Gurukul” system. If we are able to gain the education and learn the value systems with it, we will enjoy the journey of life and not wait for a particular event and time to feel that we are successful.

It is our endeavor at Mount Litera Zee School Gorakhpur to impart education in a way that it not only ignites the inquisitiveness in every child’s mind but also prepares him for the challenges in life. It’s important to have the knowledge but it is equally important to know how, where and when to apply that knowledge in most effective way.